Values, Principle & Purpose

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Values, Principle & Purpose by Mind Map: Values, Principle & Purpose

1. Ethics

1.1. Moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity.

1.2. The right and wrong.

2. Values

2.1. Tell us what's good.

2.2. They're the things we strive for, desire and seek to protect.

2.3. Eg: Truth, Trust, Honesty, Fair, Respect & Justice.

3. Principles

3.1. Tell us what's right.

3.2. Outlining how we may or may not achieve our values (Eg: Golden Rule).

3.3. Eg: prioritise and execute / set audacious goal/ embrace failure / treat other people the way you would like to treated.

4. Purpose

4.1. Is our reason for being.

4.2. It gives life to our values and principles (act as our guidance).

4.3. Eg: to becoming the best version of yourself / creating a legacy that people will remember.

5. Ethical Decision-Making Framework

5.1. 1. Understanding the dilemma or situation

5.1.1. Critical Thinking 6 Stages: 1. Observe: 2. Analyse: 3. Evaluate: 4. Question: 5. Contexualise: 6. Reflection:

5.2. 2. Identifying the most important things you need to recognise in yourself. Eg: values, principle and purpose

5.3. 3. Evaluating your options and making your decision.

6. Steps in Ethical Decision-Making Framework

6.1. Step 1: Using Critical Thinking Determine the Facts

6.1.1. What is the dilemma?

6.1.2. What are the facts?

6.1.3. What are the rules?

6.1.4. Who is imoacted?

6.2. Step 2: Reflect on your Values, Principles & Purposes

6.2.1. What are your values, principle & purpose?

6.2.2. How do they influence your decision?

6.2.3. What are your assumptions and biases?

6.2.4. Are they any slippery slope traps?

6.3. Step 3: Make and Communicate your Decisions.

6.3.1. What is your decisions?

6.3.2. Does it align with your values, principle and purpose?

6.3.3. Do you need do discuss with a sounding board?

6.3.4. How will you communicate your decision?