Types of translation services

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Types of translation services by Mind Map: Types of translation services

1. Technical translation

1.1. Technical translation refers to the translation of texts that deal with the practical application of scientific and technological information.

1.1.1. Example: Translation of user manual

2. Scientific translation

2.1. As the name says is related to the scitific area

2.1.1. Example: Translation of scientific articles

3. Financial translation

3.1. Refers to the translation of financial documentation

3.1.1. Example: Translation of financial contracts

4. Legal translation

4.1. Translation of legal documentation

4.1.1. Example: Translation of Summons and warrants

5. Judirical translation

5.1. Refers to legally-binding documentation

5.1.1. Example: Translation of license and commercial contracts

6. Judicial translation

6.1. refers to the task of translation undertaken in a court setting

6.1.1. Example: letters rogatory

7. Certified translation

7.1. The translation of this kind of documents requieres a signature to authenticate official translation

7.1.1. Example: Translation of marital agreements

8. Literary translation

8.1. Translation of literary works

8.1.1. Example: Translation of the Bible