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Verb Tenses by Mind Map: Verb Tenses

1. Use for say something that happend in the past: + I wanted to danced - I didn't want to dance ? Did you dance?

2. Use for say something that will happend at the same time as another thing ( have ): + The school will have finished when you finish eathing - I wont have eaten before you kiss me ? will are you going to have aten before we meet?

3. Use for say Something That will continue in the future for a period of time ( be ) : + I will be learning English - I won't be doing my homework ? will i be doing my homework?

4. Use to express something that is happening right now continouos: + I am playing - Im not playing ? ? Am i playing?

5. This is for the verb to be ( was - were ) : + He was eating - He Wasn't eating ? Was he eating?

6. Use For specials Verbs ( Regular and Iregular ) in the past: + I have Drunk Water - I haven't finished my homework ? Have i drunk The water

7. Use for say something that will Happend in the future: + I will Go to school - I won't go to School ? Will i go to the school?

8. Use For say something that just happend: + I Run - I don't Run ? Do I Run?

9. Present Simple

10. Future Simple

11. Past Simple

12. Participle Past

13. Continouos Past

14. Past Perfect

15. Continouos Future

16. Continouos Present

17. Future Perfect

18. Use for say something that happend in the past: + I wanted to Dance - I didn't want to Dance ? Did You want To Dance?