Research Paper: Accurate Trauma Representation in Creative Media

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Research Paper: Accurate Trauma Representation in Creative Media by Mind Map: Research Paper: Accurate Trauma Representation in Creative Media

1. Thesis: Accurate trauma representation on topics such as rape, mental illness, and assault are vital. Not only do these representations color public perception of these events and real life victims of these traumas, they also set a standard for healing, coping, and normal behavior for trauma survivors. Trauma representation that is accurate can result in overwhelmingly positive outcomes such as aiding in the healing and therapy of trauma victims. Whereas inaccurate and hurtful representations of trauma can encourage dangerous and self destructive behavior from victims of trauma and negative public perception such as victim blaming.

1.1. Paragraph One: Define Trauma Representation, and hit on the importance of such representation in modern creative media such as TV, Film, comics, and literature.

1.2. Paragraph Two: Introduce positive examples of accurate trauma representation and their outcomes, and then introduce opposing arguement that trauma cannot be represented and understood through second hand experiences such as film and creative media.

1.3. Paragraph 3: Discuss the opposing argument in greater depth and defend my argument citing examples from a therapist who uses film therapy on victims of trauma. Also point out that inaccurate representations of trauma such as Netflix's 13 Reasons Why aid my opposing arguments defense because they give inaccurate and harmful views and depictions of trauma and trauma response.

1.4. Conclusion: Restate and analyze my research paper and highlight the positive and key influences that accurate trauma representation provide and why it is so incredibly important to not only trauma victims, but to society and those who wish to support victims of trauma that we accurately portray such events.