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English 12 by Mind Map: English 12

1. Course Overview

1.1. This Course gives you the opportunity to expand your knowlenge from previous learning experiences as well as new materials

1.1.1. Hone in their skill to communicate effectively in various different types of contexts and to achieve their personal and career goals

1.1.2. Be able to make critical and creative ideas about the uses of languages

1.1.3. Investigate differnet texts and sources, study these through mutilpe different varietys of materials

1.1.4. Develope a deeper understanding about who someone is as a person in the constanly developing world

1.1.5. Grasp an understanding on the various factors that shape an identity

1.1.6. Recognize the importance of ones self-representation inside of their text

1.1.7. Contribute to reconciliation by building greater understanding of the knowledge and perspectives of First Peoples

1.1.8. Help them obtain the knowledge of what it means to be educated Canadian and Global citizens

2. Course Content

2.1. Opening Assignments

2.1.1. Students will have an opportunity to introduce themselves, to be introduced to the course and course tools, and to initiate required steps for invigilated tests.

2.2. Unit 1: Perspective

2.2.1. Students will explore the provincial curriculum big idea “People Understand Text Differently Depending On Their World Views and Perspectives.”

2.3. Unit 2: Reconciliation

2.3.1. Students will explore the provincial curriculum big idea “The examination of First People’s cultures and lived experiences through text builds understanding of Canadians’ responsibilities in relation to reconciliation.”

2.4. Unit 3: Story

2.4.1. Students will explore the provincial curriculum big idea “The exploration of text and story deepens our understanding of diverse, complex ideas about identity, others, and the world.

2.5. Unit 4: Media and Popular Culture

2.5.1. Students will explore the provincial curriculum big idea “Questioning what we hear, read, and view contributes to our ability to be educated and engaged citizens.”

2.6. Unit 5: Issues

2.6.1. Students will explore the provincial curriculum big idea “Texts are socially, culturally, geographically, and historically constructed.”

2.7. Unit 6: Author Study

2.7.1. Students will explore the provincial curriculum big idea “Language, shapes, ideas and influences others.”

3. Course Materials

3.1. Students will need access to the internet.

3.2. Students will need access to a video creation tool (eg: cell phone or built-in laptop camera).

3.3. Students will need a library card.

3.4. Students will need access to the following works:

3.4.1. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

3.4.2. The Reason You Walk by Wab Kinew

3.4.3. Any Margaret Atwood novel

4. Assessment Information

4.1. Opening Assignments: 10%

4.2. Invigilated Tests: 10%

4.3. Oral Responses: 20%

4.4. Presentations: 20%

4.5. Written Responses: 20%

4.6. Participation: 20%

5. Expectations

5.1. Adhere to the EBUS Academic Integrity Policy

5.2. Contact your teacher when help is needed

5.3. Review feedback from assignments and tests, where applicable

5.4. Work to complete the course in a timely manner

5.5. Communicate respectively

5.6. Review weekly progress reports

6. Reporting

6.1. There are 4 term report cards that can be downloaded from the student dashboard. A notice will go out when these report cards are available.

6.2. The teacher will send out bi-weekly progress reports showing the student’s progress. Progress reports are also available on-demand via the student’s Moodle dashboard.

7. Contacting Your Teacher

7.1. Your teacher will be available Monday to Friday during regular school hours. If you are having trouble with any concepts, please contact your teacher right away! You can Moodle message, email, or phone your teacher with any questions you have.

7.1.1. Steve Hobson

7.1.2. Phone: 250-567-4744 (25)

7.1.3. Email: [email protected]