Job clubs

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Job clubs by Mind Map: Job clubs

1. What's in a name?

1.1. We don't like the word club as we think it sounds too exclusive

1.1.1. clinic

1.1.2. surgery

1.2. They are known as job clubs across the country so should we stick with it?

2. Marketing plan

2.1. Methods

2.1.1. Posters and leaflets for jobcentre and library

2.1.2. Press release to local media

2.1.3. Silva Horizons website

2.1.4. Silva Social Enterprises website

2.1.5. Selwood Housing website

2.1.6. Facebook

2.1.7. Leaflet in rent statements

2.2. Tasks

2.2.1. Create poster and leaflet

2.2.2. Check when next rent statements due

2.2.3. Press release to be sent to local papers and radio stations

2.3. Look and feel

2.3.1. Young

2.3.2. Fresh

2.3.3. Vibrant

3. Timescales

3.1. Launch date for Melksham = 16 August, 11am - 1pm

3.2. Marketing to start 3 weeks prior to launch on 26th July

4. Resources

4.1. GB Job Clubs

4.2. M3 Job Club