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Autobiography by Mind Map: Autobiography

1. july 24th

2. getting scholarship offers, graduating high school, playing college football.

3. life wasn’t terrible. we had our ups and downs. struggled financially sometimes. I have a couple of aunts, uncles and sisters who went and graduated from college and a brother currently in college. life was full of challenges as it still is but not as much when i’m here.

4. I admire my mom because no matter what we went through, she never gave up. 2 quotes that motivates me is “Only the strong survive” and “the storm doesn’t last forever”. You have to mentally strong to survive in the world we live in. Tough times don’t last forever it will eventually go away just don’t stop fighting.

5. I hate the fact that there is a such thing as homeless people. I dislike seeing them because i know things can be done to help their situation. Any chance I get I give them clothes, food, and or money and their response is always “God bless you”. In a couple years I plan on opening a homeless hotel.

6. I chose this journey because I want to become an athletic trainer. I enjoy helping people and allowing them to reach their full potential. It brings me joy seeing another person happy.

7. My concentrations are biology and psychology. I chose psychology because I like to find out why we do things and how we think. I chose biology because it gives me a real perspective on things that go on in the world that most people have no clue about.

7.1. i’ve been interested since I was a kid because I played football and I know how it is to get hurt and have to sit out in pain instead of getting the necessary treatment needed to help you.