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Literacy by Mind Map: Literacy

1. Writing

1.1. being able to learn and use new words

1.2. forming complete sentences using proper grammar

1.3. being able to understand and convey perspective

1.4. utilizing writing for self expression

1.5. being able to revise and edit work using the writing process

1.6. ability to organize thoughts and ideas

2. Critical Literacy

2.1. Representation

2.1.1. Including authors of colour and Black authors, 2SLGBTQ+ authors, religious minorities

2.2. Diversity

2.2.1. Celebrating different histories

2.3. Showcasing different perspectives and voices

2.4. Creating connection between different communities

2.4.1. Ability to create empathy and understanding for others

3. Reading

3.1. Reading fluency

3.2. Sight words

3.2.1. word walls

3.3. identification of syllables, phonics

3.4. Ability to understand and interpret a variety of different texts

3.5. Inferencing and making connections to texts

3.6. identifying main ideas of texts

3.7. being able to skim texts

3.8. Identifying new words and understanding how to include them in writing

3.9. ability to make connections from text to real life

4. Emotional intelligence

4.1. Ability to express oneself

4.2. reading or writing as coping mechanisms

4.3. being able to understand new words that represent different feelings

4.4. being able to connect with others through reading and writing

4.5. Learning empathy and morals through reading and writing

4.6. being able to communicate thoughts and feelings

5. Oral communication

5.1. ability to communicate with others and maintain relationships

5.2. being able to present ideas verbally using learned vocabulary

5.3. sharing ideas and collaborating with others

5.4. being able to convey perspective through tone or other speaking skills

6. Media and digital

6.1. Looking to understand where information comes from- source

6.2. understanding bias in different forms of media or digital text

6.3. Understanding how language is used to further certain perspectives while hindering others