Types of Validity and Reliability

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Types of Validity and Reliability by Mind Map: Types of Validity and Reliability

1. External Validity: This pertains to generalization. How far can generaliztion be applied to population, teatment and measurable variables. I

2. Criterion Validity: This determines if a test is on par with the ability of those taken it. A test is not fair if you know those who are taking it is not going to pass. Set up for failure is not good.

3. Internal Validity: Making sure the principle of cause and effect is in tact.

4. Test Validity: This is the importance placed on test results. This determines the value of the test and how much it should matter.

5. InterRater Reliabilty: This is when various people are given or partaking in assessments. These are good when conducting experiments to get different outcomes.

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6. Test/Retest: This is when the same people are given the same test. This will give an overall view of what is being taugt on a certain topic a scond time hoping a better outcome of results.

7. Parallel Forms: This is when you have different people, taking a different test at the same time. This allows for multiple test to be taken, without the fear of complications.

8. Internal Consistency: This is when different questions are constructed the same. This is to see if test takers can be successful at the same thing asked differently or displayed differently.