Testing Flaws

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Testing Flaws by Mind Map: Testing Flaws

1. reliability

1.1. test and retest stability

1.2. alternate testing equivalence

1.3. internal consistency

1.3.1. split half method

1.3.2. Kuder Richardson method

2. accuaracy

2.1. error within test takers

2.2. error within the test

2.3. error in test administration

2.3.1. physical comfort

2.3.2. instruction and explanation

2.3.3. test administartor attitudes

2.4. error in scoring

3. A test without validity, reliability and accuracy is fundamentally flawed. Without these three factors any form of assessment loses appliable meaning. In order for assessments to effectively measure student understanding testing must be reasonably absent of these flaws in test construction, presentation and grading.

4. validity

4.1. content evidence

4.2. criterion related validity evidence

4.2.1. concurrent criterion related validity

4.2.2. predictive validity

4.3. construct evidence