The Pandemic and its Effects on Learning for Students

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The Pandemic and its Effects on Learning for Students by Mind Map: The Pandemic and its Effects on Learning for Students

1. Mental Effects on Students

1.1. Summary of Content: School is already stressful and adding other stressors, like the pandemic hurts students chances at achieving their full potential in the academic world. This section explains a more in depth explanation of these stressors.

1.1.1. Why it matters: Academic performance being impacted by the pandemic as well as a variety of effects on students mental health. The sooner we target students mental stressors, the sooner we can aid stressed students across the world. We need to keep trying to evolve so we can be prepared as a community.

1.2. Source #1:

1.2.1. Source #2: Source #3: Summary of Source: This source identifies that a substantial amount of Bangladeshi students seeing an increase in mental problems after the pandemic started. This source also states how the government plays into this problem and how if they helped more it would better students' mental health and fix most academic delays caused by the pandemic. Summary of Source: This source explains the difficulty in concentrating, sleeping, and social interactions due to physical distancing and how this is effecting student's academic performance. It goes over many other stressors as well.

1.2.2. Summary of Source: This source explains the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of students in East France. Findings include students suffering from anxiety, depression, and distress. Many students are also showing signs of post-traumatic stress symptoms and need psychological support.

2. Online school or in-person school; which has a better effect on students learning

2.1. Summary of Content: Online school requires a lot of personal motivation, which is why online school was not built for unprepared students. This section goes into depth about the negative effects online school has for underdeveloped students.

2.1.1. Why it matters: Learning about which options of learning are the best options could benefit how well students are receiving information. It would allow us to advance into better ways of learning that could benefit people academically around the world.

2.2. Source #1:

2.2.1. Source #2: Source #3: Summary of Source: This source dives deeper into the statistics of how students' grades have been suffering because of the pandemic and having to go online. It channels in on how students' Mathematics grades dropped significantly right as schools closed and continued to drop. Summary of Source: This source explains how schools across the United States are dealing with learning in a pandemic. It also compares virtual learning in different communities, bringing up the fact that schools in less wealthy areas have a less likely chance to get an education during the pandemic.

2.2.2. Summary of Source: This source explains how online students did substantially worse than students in the same face-to-face course. It states how online students earned lower grades and are less likely to succeed in other courses as well as having a higher chance of dropping out.

3. How students around the world are reacting to this learning curve

3.1. Summary of Content: It is helpful to see what other communities around the world are doing to solve the problem of learning in a pandemic. This section explains how other countries are reacting and what they are doing in response. It also goes into depth on rural areas and those without internet access and how it has effected them the most.

3.1.1. Why it Matters: As we learn about other people's methods to the educational issues at hand, we can incorporate them into our lives to benefit as many people as we can. Education was effected by the pandemic across the globe, so if we do not learn from each other, we will have a hard time advancing our educational setbacks.

3.2. Source #1:

3.2.1. Source #2: Source #3: Summary of Source: This source goes into detail about how the pandemic is affecting Chinese students after hundreds of schools there were shut down. This article explains how people's knowledge of the pandemic in China is not as advanced as it should be and how that is a problem. Summary of Source: This source explains how developed and underdeveloped countries are being affected by the pandemic and how they are suffering even more than they were. It also explains the inequality in education around the world. It also touches on the fact that this new situation is a struggle for parents and students to navigate.

3.2.2. Summary of Source: This Source states how low-income countries can not currently provide any type of remote learning. It also mentions that a huge chunk of people are still not getting an education. The source explains how important it is to learn about how other countries are adapting so we can learn from them.