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SWOC by Mind Map: SWOC

1. Strength

1.1. A successful employment branding strategy

1.2. Building a top-tier work force.

1.3. A competitive compensation philosophy.

1.4. Effective turnover management

1.5. High safety standards.

1.6. Health Insurance coverage.

2. Weakness

2.1. Weaknesses might include things like bad reputation of the company in the employment market

2.2. Lack of benefits to employees to retain them in the company

2.3. Low employee turnover

2.4. Lack of proper and suitable training resources

2.5. Lack of proper motivation

3. Opportunities

3.1. Adoption of new technology

3.2. Fulfilling the unfulfilled needs of its internal customers

3.3. Beneficial changes in employment laws

3.4. Scope to expand the existing business

3.5. Capture new markets

4. Challenges

4.1. Lowering of market share

4.2. It may affect the company’s profitability

4.3. This may lead to enforcing stricter employment laws

4.4. Rising complains from customers

4.5. Litigations from employees

4.6. Severe cut-throat competition in the market

4.7. Obsolete technology

4.8. Outdated processing methods