Julia Restrepo School - Some Rules

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Julia Restrepo School - Some Rules by Mind Map: Julia Restrepo School - Some Rules

1. Students

1.1. I must participate in all academic activities scheduled by the educational institution

1.1.1. I must use the garbage containers properly for the conservation of the environment I must present an excuse the second day I miss the educational institution I must comply with and respect the agreements reached with the teachers I must inform the teacher that he prevents me from delivering the requested work

2. Teachers

2.1. They must take care of their personal presentation as an example to their students

2.1.1. They must attend with formality and respect to those who request their attention They must send the links of the classes and activities on the established schedule

3. Parents

3.1. They must follow the evaluation process

3.1.1. They must ensure the good personal presentation of their children they must have respectful communication between guardians and teachers