Present perfect

Present perfect already,for,since, since, still

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Present perfect by Mind Map: Present perfect

1. For: is used to show actions started in the past and continiou in the present.

1.1. I know alvert for a few years.

1.2. She left hte academy for a few weks.

2. Already: is use for affirmative form, is use to make a list too.

2.1. Lisa has aready go to the mall

2.2. He already make the dinner

3. Yets: is used yet for question and interogatie form.

3.1. Do not use yet in negative sentences

3.2. Lisa hast bought the crayons yet.

3.3. Does he arived yet?

4. Still: is used for negative form

4.1. -I haven't finished it yet. I'll do it after dinner.

4.2. -He hasn´t arrived yet.

5. Since: is used in a pont in time

5.1. Exmaple: I study medicine since 2014

5.2. I am running on the mornings since yesterday