Comparative and superlative

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Comparative and superlative by Mind Map: Comparative and superlative

1. Superlative

1.1. Example

1.2. If the adjective is short

1.2.1. Subject + verb + the + superlative

1.2.2. Carla is the biggest

2. Superlative

2.1. Definition

2.2. Describes an object that is at the high or low end of a quality

2.2.1. It is used in sentences in which we compare a subject with a group of objects

3. Equality Comparatives.

3.1. Adjetive

3.2. "As...As" ; "Not So...As"

3.2.1. This pencil is as new as that sharpener.

3.2.2. My dog is not so fast as you.

4. Comparatives of superiority.

4.1. Adjetive

4.2. "er" ; "est"

4.2.1. My pen is the greatest of all pencils

4.2.2. His uncle is taller than my aunt.

5. Comparatives of Inferiority.

5.1. Adjetive

5.2. "Less...Than" ; "More...Than"

5.2.1. That girl is less beautiful than her mom.

5.2.2. The lion is more furious than this cat.