Eco-Friendly Design Project

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Eco-Friendly Design Project by Mind Map: Eco-Friendly Design Project

1. Eco Problem 1: Fishing And Killing Sharks

1.1. What? People fish for sharks.

1.1.1. To sell through middle-man

1.1.2. To earn money.

1.2. Why? To make shark fins soup.

1.2.1. To sell in restaurants.

1.2.2. To earn money.

1.3. Who? Fishermen and chefs.

1.3.1. Chefs from renowned restaurants. Chai Chee Restaurant Chinese Restaurant

1.3.2. To cook and serve in restaurant.

1.4. Where? From the sea.

1.4.1. Seas

1.4.2. Oceans.

1.5. When? Throughout the year.

1.5.1. Common delicacies in Singapore.

1.5.2. For a constant supply.

2. Eco Problem 2: Cutting Down Of Trees In Singapore.

2.1. What? Lots of trees are cut down.

2.1.1. According to observation.

2.1.2. General knowledge.

2.2. Why? To make it more spacious.

2.2.1. Do not agree.

2.2.2. Trees give fresh air.

2.3. Who? Government ask to.

2.3.1. does as told

2.3.2. Foreign workers do the job.

2.4. Where? All around Singapore.

2.4.1. I always see it in Yishun. Near my apartment

2.4.2. In other countries too. America Australia Africa Forest Fires

2.5. When? Recently during the Jun Hols

2.5.1. In mid-June

2.5.2. and early-July

2.5.3. Also in late-June.

2.5.4. Might continue If no action is taken. Everyone's responsibility More trees will be cut.

3. Eco Problem 3: Poor Waste Managment

3.1. What? Waste is poorly managed.

3.1.1. Poorer countries.

3.1.2. increased population.

3.2. Why? Lack of dumping sites.

3.2.1. to deposit solid wase.

3.3. Who? Low-income earners

3.3.1. living in poor conditions.

3.3.2. in peri-urban areas.

3.4. Where? Urban areas

3.4.1. Kenya

3.4.2. Natamba

3.5. When? Everyday

3.5.1. No action taken.

4. Eco Problem 4: Endangered Animals

4.1. What? Many animals are endangered.

4.2. Why? Hunting down of animals.

4.3. Who? Some species

4.3.1. Pandas

4.3.2. White tigers

4.4. Where? All over the world

4.4.1. China Giant Panda Giant Salamander

4.4.2. Java Javan Rhino

4.5. When? All this while

4.5.1. Since the Dodo birds which are now extinct.