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GRAM by Mind Map: GRAM

1. Tech

1.1. Idle-Time Cleanup

1.1.1. When When leaving mouse look don't want to poll with a timer would have to prevent resets on quick mouselook switches - another timer straight timer, regardless of in/out of ML is more efficient During reload While drawn after x seconds of not firing + if beenFired + if not flushed yet Worth having the timer? When holstering + if beenFired + if not flushed yet Write ammo count to prim first Add beenFired conditional

1.1.2. How State change & llReleaseControls turns out not to empty the control event queue (thanks LL) Hard reset Resetting listeners? Same method for engine & slaves?

1.2. Lean Engine

1.2.1. Resource load determined By Mag Size By Burst Length NOT by time spent in battle

1.2.2. No Rez throttling No rez timers Close to max theoretical RoF Higher RoF @ same # of slaves Fewer slaves but same RoF

1.2.3. No sound re-triggering

1.2.4. No reloads on full mag

1.2.5. Optimized Listeners Strict Pre-Filtering

1.3. Smart Firing Mechanism

1.3.1. Automatic ideal rez slave time delay based on current velocity based on number of rez slaves

1.3.2. Parallel Firing Triggers instead of Serial

2. Benefits

2.1. +20-40% RoF Over Current Tech

2.2. No Script-Time Buildup

2.2.1. 2 to 5 seconds to no-load afer firing

2.3. Reliable Target Intersection

2.3.1. Close to beam weapon physics reliability

2.3.2. no raycast

2.3.3. respects cover accurately

2.3.4. normal velocities

3. Status

3.1. WIP

3.1.1. Optimized Semi Auto Mode

3.2. Tested

3.2.1. Full Auto Implementation

3.3. Ready for Use in

3.3.1. Full-Auto Vehicle Weapons

3.3.2. Full-Auto-Only Infantry Weapons