Learning a new skill

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Learning a new skill by Mind Map: Learning a new skill

1. Feelings - ed/ing adjectives

2. Revising ability & possibility

3. Practicaremos a mediación oral e escrita

4. Expressions + -ing

4.1. It's worth-ing

4.2. There's no point in -ing

4.3. It's no use/good -ing

4.4. Get/Be used to -ing

4.5. Waste/Spend time -ing

5. Compartiremos consellos útiles para mellorar unha L2

6. Analizaremos críticamente duas visións sobre a aprendizaxe

6.1. TED TALK -Learn any skill in 20 hours, Josh Kaufmann

6.2. OUTLIERS - The 10,000 hour rule, Malcolm Gladwell