Youth Art Space

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Youth Art Space by Mind Map: Youth Art Space

1. City of Palmerston's Youth website

1.1. Web development grant

2. Sister City Cultural Exchange

2.1. School involvement

3. Multi-Art Platform, Sound, video, Visual, Literary

4. Shared Space

5. Shared art- online space

6. Digital Online Space

7. Youth Inspiring Palmerston- Project

7.1. Darwin City Council- Collaborative project

8. Youth Graffiti Management

8.1. potential graffiti/crime prevention grants

9. Grants

9.1. Arts Council

9.1.1. Community Development Grant

9.2. Arts NT

9.3. Neighborhood Watch NT?

9.3.1. Cybersafety?

10. Facebook/Social Media Policy

11. Digital Art dude

12. Palmerston CDU campus


13.1. Youth newsletter

13.1.1. workshops

13.2. recognition

13.2.1. youth arts/cultural development

13.3. Palmerston Sun Column?