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Project Management by Mind Map: Project Management
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Project Management

PM Process

1. Project Identification

2. Project Definition

3. Project Planning

4. Project Organizing

5. Resources allocation

6. Project Scheduling

7. Project control

8. Project termination


Single acquirer that offers to buy from one out of multiple contractors that make competitive offers to win the contract

Gantt Chart

Network Diagrams

Project Life Cycle


Project Charter

Tool that formally authorizes a project. It is a document that states what is to be done and the boundaries of the project.

Body of knowledge

Integration Management

Scope Management

Process required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required to complete the project successfully. Primarily concerned with defining and controlling what is or is not included in the project

Time Management

Cost Management

Quality Management

Process to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken

Risk Management

Risk is an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on at least one project objective

Human Resource Management

Communication Management

Procurement Management

Competitive Bidding

Bidding resources


Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder attributes


Type of contracts

Lump Sum

Fixed price for the project

Unit Price

A price per unit of work



Cost Estimation



Semi Analytic

Estimate the whole cost phase by phase starting with the materials, then adding % for each successive part and in the end adding a markup


Cost estimate for each account in the breakdown cost

Sources for organizational conflicts




Command chain

S curves

Trapezoidal approx

Logistic Curve

Hermite Polynomials

Spline Curves

Resource schedulling

Priority rules


WBS approaches for plants

Base Engineering

Detailed Engineering


Construction / Assembly

Startup / Testing

Sources of uncertainty

Variability associated with estimates

Uncertainty about bases of estimates

Uncertainty About design and logistics

Uncertainty about objectives and priority

CPM vs Resource Scheduling

CPMInfinite capacityStable precedence relationshipsNo variability in lenghtNo cost Resource schedulingLimited resourcesAll kinds of relationshipsFloat depends on resources