Quantam physics

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Quantam physics by Mind Map: Quantam physics

1. Double slit experiment

1.1. Light particles or waves

1.1.1. Newtons propose Particles

1.1.2. Huygens propose its a wave

1.2. Thomas young's double slit experiment

1.3. Sun is white we see it yellow because different wave length.

1.4. Two slits what you can see? Two row of sun light"?

1.5. You will see different dots of different colors

1.5.1. because light acts like canceling waves in water

1.6. Electron tiny marble having matter

1.7. one at a time electron with same result

1.7.1. Creates super position

1.8. Measuring device to know which it went through but when they observe it behave like a normal matter not a wave

1.8.1. Some how it was aware for being watched Quantam Tanglement Schrodinger cat atom can be decay or not Atom decay detector Poison release You are Atom whole world is made out of atoms Super position some how when we are not observing an electron passes from both slits at the same time Electron when shoot both and measured/observed both will have same wave function the moment they our observe even light years away a part but means every atom is entangled but when not measured or observed they have different . Mathematic rules for electrons when we are not looking "Probability" and when we are looking ampitude You see cat alive you see cat dead exsist in both sperate worlds which will never collapse Many world by hu edward Simulation theory modern hypothesis Nick Bostrom IF then esle

1.9. Atom = electron, nucleus of neutron , proton

2. Physicist mobile users

3. Physics mufti culture

4. Quantum weirdness