Clinical Training during Covid-19 pandemic

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Clinical Training during Covid-19 pandemic by Mind Map: Clinical Training during Covid-19 pandemic

1. Skills

1.1. Autonomous way in treating patents

1.2. Treating patents remotely

1.2.1. by synchronized method

1.2.2. by non-synchronized method

1.3. Best Personal protective equipment usage

1.4. Better time management

1.4.1. proper documintation

1.5. Treating patents using hydrotherapy

1.6. Presenting cases to colleges

1.7. Professionally communicating with professors

1.8. Leadership skills

2. Opportunities

2.1. Dealing with isolation patents

2.2. Albasheer hospital staff members collaporation

2.3. Taking more online courses

2.4. Reading more Articles

2.5. being expert treating orthopidic patents

2.6. Making new contacts within physical therapy field

2.7. Training at privet physiotherapy center

3. Threats

3.1. Lack of supervision

3.2. Lack of trust of about clinical practice

3.3. Lack of motivation due to recurrent suspension of clinical practice

3.4. Weak protocols of infection control

3.5. Unanticipated governmental decisions

3.6. Zero clinical pediatric practice time till right moment

4. Challenges

4.1. Lesser training days

4.2. Cases

4.2.1. similarity in cases

4.2.2. shortage of cases

4.2.3. lack of diversity between cases

4.2.4. dealing with out patents only at Albasheer

4.2.5. absence of neurological patents

4.3. Lack of supervision

4.4. Unable to follow up with patents

4.5. Lack of evidence based practice between hospital staff members