Madhya Pradesh Dharma Svatantra Adhiniyam,2020

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Madhya Pradesh Dharma Svatantra Adhiniyam,2020 by Mind Map: Madhya Pradesh Dharma Svatantra Adhiniyam,2020

1. Also called as

1.1. Freedom of Religion Bill 2020

2. Aim

2.1. to stop forced religious conversions

2.1.1. On the pretext of marriage With the use of force

3. Why the law?

3.1. Old law inefficient to stop forced conversions

3.1.1. Old law Madhya Pradesh Dharma Swatantra Adhiniyam,1968

3.2. New law

3.2.1. Has more stringent punishments

3.2.2. Increase penalties

3.2.3. Prohibits use of Misrepresentation Allurement Threat Force Undue influence Coercion Marriage Fradulent means for religious conversions

3.2.4. Bars use of conspiracy for religious conversions

4. What about those who want to convert on their own?

4.1. Notice to be given to the district officer

4.1.1. By Person who wants to carry the conversion and The priest who will carry out the conversion

4.1.2. Atleast 60 days before the intended date of conversion

4.1.3. If failed to give notice Jail 3-5 years Penalty 50k

5. Who can register offence under the law?

5.1. The person who has been converted

5.2. Parents

5.3. Siblings

5.4. guardian or custodian can approach the court with their complaint and

5.4.1. Get an order for an offence to be registered with the police

6. What if marriage is carried out in violation of the above law?

6.1. It will be annulled

6.2. The child born out of such a marriage

6.2.1. Will have the right to his father’s property

6.3. Both woman and child will continue to receive maintenance

6.3.1. Even after the marriage is null and void

6.4. Religious organisation indulging in forced conversions

6.4.1. Will have their registration cancelled

6.5. Mass conversions

6.5.1. Jail Upto 10 years

6.5.2. Penalty Atleast 1 lacs