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A Doll's House by Mind Map: A Doll's House

1. Ibsen remarked that A Doll’s House is more about human rights than women’s rights. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

1.1. I disagree: I think that there is a certain amount of intersectionality between the two that needs to be recognized. The poverty of Christine. Her situation is a combination of both.

2. “Plays are meant to be seen and heard” is a common retort to those who only read a play. In light of this statement, discuss how Ibsen makes seeing and hearing the action of the play indispensable to our experience and understanding of key moments in the plot.

3. Themes

3.1. Feminism

3.1.1. Infantilization Handmaid's Tale (the bonnet)

3.1.2. General Persepolis Handmaid's Tale There Eyes are Watching God

3.2. Class Struggle

3.2.1. Mother Courage

3.2.2. Persepolis

3.3. Sickness of the Soul

3.3.1. Fences

3.4. Conditional Love

3.4.1. Fences

3.4.2. Things Fall Apart