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1. Beginning (k-2)

1.1. Beginning to speak English with few words or phrases.

1.2. Answers questions in simple one or two word responses.

1.3. Uses body language to communicate.

2. Early Intermediate

2.1. Begins to be understood when speaking, but still makes mistakes.

2.2. Asks/Answers Questions using simple sentences or phrases.

2.3. Orally communicates basic needs.

2.4. Retells familiar stories and short conversations.

3. Intermediate

3.1. Asks/Answers instructional questions in complete sentences.

3.2. Can be understood when speaking using standard English.

3.3. Actively participates in social conversations.

4. Early Advanced

4.1. Listens attentively to stories/directions and can restate orally.

4.2. Actively participates and initiates social conversations in a number of settings.

4.3. Recognizes appropriate ways of speaking depending on the purpose and context.

4.4. Asks/Answers instructional questions using a more advanced vocabulary.

5. Advanced

5.1. Listens attentively to stories/information and can restate orally and in writing.

5.2. Demonstrates understanding of idioms and how/when they are used.

5.3. Negotiates/initiates social conversations.

5.4. Consistently uses appropriately ways of speaking and writing in English.