What went wrong? (wave, diag)

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What went wrong? (wave, diag) by Mind Map: What went wrong? (wave, diag)

1. Diag pack finalization / distribution

1.1. Changing version during the meeting

1.2. Last version ready very late

2. Logistics (call, video call, infrastructure)

3. Not a lean meeting (right timing, clear agenda)

3.1. No agenda defined

4. Management participation (leaving / coming back...)

4.1. Lack of middle management involvement

4.2. Navigator: discussion with their management

4.3. Bertrand/Michele: discussion with top management

5. Time management (2 projects for Tim)

5.1. Geographical distribution of the team

6. Communication

6.1. template file, kanban board

6.2. wiki is not enough

6.2.1. comments are not answered

6.3. Solution to be improved (wiki, kanban...)

7. Unclear Planning

7.1. No backup plan

8. Scope definition

8.1. Unclear scope at the beginning

9. Different business model adressed with a "standard" way

9.1. Massimo wants that we show what are the different problems

9.2. Think about taking a look on the Organization

9.3. Michele/Bertrand: in charge to do another slide pack