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Clinic by Mind Map: Clinic

1. in Switzerland

2. Current clients (RU and EN/FR)

2.1. upsales/cross-sales

2.1.1. bigger treatments

2.1.2. other treatments

2.2. down sales

2.2.1. small products (cream, serum, health boost)

2.2.2. small things with the CL logo (soap, salt, etc.)

2.2.3. smaller ttt (Aqualift, Micro, etc.)

2.3. repeating sales

2.3.1. phone calls once in a while russian french

2.3.2. reminders about the necessity of the next visit email call

2.3.3. setting appointment when leaving the clinic

2.3.4. birthday email/message

2.3.5. Xmas and other hollidays messages

2.4. local VIPs RU and EN/FR

2.4.1. attention in the clinic tea/coffe explanation of the future treatment how it will be how they will look right after when they can start to socialize after care explanation setting next appointment/visit/treatment

2.4.2. after care being in touch with the patient to help with the questions set up the meeting with Dr next sell

2.4.3. setting appointments

2.4.4. putting the information about the ttt, the patient (tea, coffee, Details) in practice

2.5. foreign VIPs RU and EN/FR

2.5.1. attestation

2.5.2. meet/greet in the clinic

2.5.3. translation

3. New clients (RU) loyalty/trust

3.1. Agencies

3.1.1. Social Nets Instagram safety for the clients our expertise easy to come expensive (comission) Facebook ads in the luxury group of Vetrova Vk start promotion campaigns LinkedIn start for those who were interested in medical Telegram ? add more details

3.1.2. Personal Emails VIP agencies Whatsapp group agencies from the luxury group

3.1.3. Sales Calls visits of best agencies Ekaterinburg Moscow St.Petersburg Kiev

3.1.4. Newsletters current programs detox rejuvenation haute couture, perfect lift, etc. slimming short programs (Jinling)

3.1.5. google/yandex targeting

3.1.6. Calls interested agencies all the other agencies

3.1.7. travel fairs new brochures/ pdf before/after detox brochure rejuvenation programs

3.2. Direct Sales

3.2.1. Instagram description of the treatments video feedback after the treatments video of the ttt pictures before/after feedbacks live stories from the clinic live broadcasting real pictures from the ttt promotion (500 per month) cooperation with luxury brands Prive 7 (Barvikha Luxury village) swiss beauty clinic (Ritz Carlton) patients agreement for showing pics face and body makeover contest on the TV

3.2.2. Social Nets Facebook start of the promotion (500 per month) ads in groups Vk Telegram LinkedIn TikTok

3.2.3. Newsletters treatments packages special offers

3.2.4. Whatsapp treatments descriptions/pdf

3.2.5. Events in Russia in other countries

3.3. first sale

4. Old (forgotten) clients FR EN. RU we sent to new clients directly

4.1. bday emails/messages

4.2. newsletters

4.2.1. link to social nets instagram (english one? what do we do to it?) facebook (english one?) linkedin do we start it?

4.3. links to the social nets

4.4. website

4.5. first sale

5. how we sell

5.1. newsletters with other products

5.2. talk in the clinic

5.3. brochures in the waiting room

5.4. leaflets in the clinic

5.5. messages in whatsapp