Information Process Station

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Information Process Station by Mind Map: Information Process Station

1. Speaker

1.1. This an output device that makes it possible for audio to be heard.

2. The purpose

2.1. To export imported audio

2.2. To make sharing convenient

2.3. To give listeners a more pleasurable experience

2.4. To cover a wide range effectively

3. Challenges

3.1. Reslessness

3.2. sensitivity to hearing impaired

3.3. malfunctions

3.3.1. inCompatibility,

4. Learning Application

4.1. To assist auditory learners

4.2. To help enhance Listening skills

4.3. to help students rest and take a breath

5. The Purpose

5.1. To turn sound into voltage/frequency that can be formatted and transmitted through other devices.

6. Microphone

6.1. This is an Input device that permits us to create audio files

6.1.1. Detail 1

6.1.2. Detail 2

7. Challenges

7.1. Malfunction

7.2. cost effective

7.3. administrative approval

7.4. Students' insecurities/attitude

8. Learning Application

8.1. Help Students learn how to speak clearly

8.2. help students create audio visuals

8.3. helps with public speaking

9. Input Device

10. Output Device