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5.0 stars - 1 reviews range from 0 to 5 Platform Fundamentals

author: Hans Pan

updated on 7/23/2012

1. introduction

the technologies behind

2. about recruiting app

technologies offered by platform

3. reviewing database concept

an object in is more than a table


4. building a simple app

an app

in iterative way

unlike with traditional coding projects, your app is always functional. there is no build or compile phase...

an object

a tab

a field

5. enhancing with advanced fields

advanced fields

validation rules

page layout

6. extending using relationships

a relationship custom field

many-to-many relationship

data import

extra fields

search layout


functions in formula

8. Collaborating with chatter


field tracking

9.Using custom workflow and approval processes



email template

approval process

10. Analyzing data with reports and dashboards

the need of company managers and executive staff


report tab

report folder


custom report type

create a report

11. Moving beyond point-and-click app development


visualforce pages

mass update

custom buttons


7. Security and sharing data

page layout setting

data administration


best practices