Unspecific Group of People (UGP)

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Unspecific Group of People (UGP) by Mind Map: Unspecific Group of People (UGP)

1. Gaming

1.1. Other

1.1.1. Other Games Upcoming Games Planetside 2 Mechwarrior Online Borderlands 2 Played now and then Team Fortress 2 Red Orchestra II Inactive games Pickup and Play Get On My Level LOL WUT? Happy Wheels

1.1.2. Gaming News and Discussion TotalHalibut: The mailbox Extra Credits Reviews and First Impressions TotalBiscuit

1.2. Active games

1.2.1. League of Legends Full roster Chris Steve Donnie Daivd Scott Benson Brandon Seph Competitive Lineup Team Leader: to be Chosen *To be edited by team leader Team Copositions Theory Fun Proven Synergies Cass Long Range Ults New node Spectating League of legends streams Upcoming events Resources Builds Counters Podcasts Recommended item changer WEDNESDAY IS SCREW THE META DAY

1.2.2. DayZ DayZ Map SouthCoastBeanWars

1.3. New games

1.3.1. Blacklight Retribution David's Blacklight still won't launch

1.3.2. Frozen synapse Add David! Th0ughtful

2. General Posse

2.1. Current players

2.1.1. Chris Contact Info Gaming LIbrary GRAW2 LoL ARMA2 MineCraft Napoleon: Total War Shogun 2 Left for Dead Diablo III

2.1.2. Daivd Steam Gifts GRAW2 x2 Terraria x2 Gaming Library ARMA II Blacklight Retribution Borderlands Civ V DEFCON Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegaas Frozen Synapse Frozen Synapse GRAW 2 Just Cause 2 LoL Magica Metro 2033 Minecraft Mount and Blade Terraria Worms Reloaded Contact Info [email protected] 801-564-8742

2.1.3. Benson Gaming Library Torchlight 2 Napoleon: Total War GRAW 2 TF2 Shogun 2 MineCraft Killing Floor Contact Info [email protected]

2.1.4. Scott COMPUTER NEWS & UPDATES 1.0TB HDD came today, now waiting for heat sync and CASE!!! Gaming Library

2.1.5. Brandon

2.1.6. Seph

2.1.7. Steve

2.1.8. Donnie Gaming Library Shogun 2 Arma II Napoleon Total War New node

2.2. Freaking Casuals

2.2.1. John Ambrose

2.2.2. Matt

2.3. Potential Recruits

2.3.1. POC = David Amason Hernandez Looney (David's roomate) Georgia Cole New node

2.3.2. New node

2.4. Inactive Players

2.4.1. New node

2.4.2. New node

2.4.3. New node

3. Hillarity

3.1. Recurring humor

3.1.1. Do you like bananas?

3.1.2. Big Booty Bitches

4. Old



4.1.2. UGP Recommendations: ADD STUFF

4.1.3. buyers guide 7/13/12

4.1.4. Benson Mount and Blade: Collection GTA 4

5. Tech and Development

5.1. Logistics N Stuff

5.1.1. Mumble Max Users: 10 Info:

5.1.2. Upkeep costs Per Month (David) $4.00 $6.00

5.1.3. UGP Excel Doc

5.1.4. The mind map you're reading right now beeyetch

5.2. Brainstorming Ideas

5.2.1. Organize Are we a legit clan? Do we want to be? Schedule thing? Game-specific days See when people will be on David tried to create one, it got nowhere Incentivised stuff Recruiting Incentives Steam Group? Comments board? would a steam group give us this? Feedback is good ya'll New Group Name

5.3. Useful Links

5.3.1. Mumble Overlay

6. Tips+Comments

6.1. When was X updated?

6.2. Use mouse to hover over this -->