My Sweet Orange Tree

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My Sweet Orange Tree by Mind Map: My Sweet Orange Tree

1. Zeze who was hung from the back of the car of a rich Man named portuga, was beaten by the Man that day. Pitying his father's lack of money, zeze runs away from school with a street singer.

2. Hero

2.1. Zeze

2.1.1. is the main character

2.1.2. The five stars of a poor family living in the minas gerais region of brazil, the highly imagintave zeze iş about what happened.

2.1.3. is 5 years old

2.2. Totoca

2.2.1. is the brother of the main character

2.3. Gloria

2.3.1. Is the sister of the main

2.4. Valadares

2.4.1. The Man he sees as zeze's child and calls hım portuga

2.5. Minguinho

2.5.1. Zeze's sugar orange sapling

3. Place

3.1. Brazil's Minas gerais region

4. Time

4.1. Sugar orange iş mentioned in her novel about the events of the 1920's.

5. Plot