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Copy of MY PROJECT by Mind Map: Copy of MY PROJECT

1. Homework

2. Grammar

2.1. Past tenses regular and irregular verbs

2.1.1. JClic activities: Past Tense Review

2.2. Past continuous

2.3. Questions with and without auxiliaries

2.4. - Linking words: so, because, but, although

3. Digital Resources

3.1. Twitter

3.2. VoiceThread

3.3. Animoto

3.4. Mindmeister

3.5. JClic

3.6. Forums

3.7. Wiki

3.8. Moodle

4. context

4.1. adults

4.2. Barceloneta

5. Vocabulary

5.1. Prepositions of time and place: at, in, on

5.2. Question words

5.3. Verb phrases

5.4. Mindmap

5.4.1. Mindmaps for Vocabulary seen in class

5.4.2. Three mindmaps of particular words

6. Activities

6.1. Ten features a dream destination must have

6.2. Twitter discussion on dream destinations

6.3. Preparing questions on dream destination

6.4. Gather information on the web, prepare answers and build PLE

6.5. Draw up an itinerary using a mindmap

6.6. Presentation of the itinerary using the mindmap

6.7. Discussion of the itinerary

6.8. Warm-up

6.9. My VoiceThread presentation: The Trip of a Lifetime

6.10. Final presentation using VoiceThread

6.11. Brainstorm a mindmap about holidays

6.12. Presentation about a holiday using Animoto

6.13. My holiday in the Pyrenees

6.14. Make a video diary of a dream holiday

6.15. Mindmapping vocabulary of the unit

6.16. Mindmapping three new words which struck you

7. Objectives

7.1. Talk about travel / tourist destinations

7.2. Express your thoughts about holiday experiences

7.3. Talk about travel plans, schedules, length of stay...

7.4. To argue with peers and defend a position

7.5. Practise question forms

7.6. Use mobile phones, Twitter, VoiceThread, Animoto, MindMeister to talk about their dream destinations

7.7. Search information on the web and build a mindmap for a project

7.8. Summarize information

7.9. Choose a suitable YouTube video featuring a dream destination

8. Assessment

9. Schedule

9.1. 7 one-hour-and-a-half sessions

10. Pronunciation

10.1. Regular and irregular verbs

10.2. -ed endings

10.3. /ə/

10.4. /w/ and /h/

10.5. The letter a