AAA.2 Introduction into Functions and Relations

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AAA.2 Introduction into Functions and Relations by Mind Map: AAA.2 Introduction into Functions and Relations

1. AAA.22 Relations and Functions

1.1. AAA.221 Representing a relations

1.2. AAA.222 Finding the domain and range and identifying functions

1.2.1. AAA.2221 Mapping

1.2.2. AAA.2222 Coordinate points AAA.22221 it is a functions AAA.2222 it is not a function

1.2.3. AAA.2223 Graph

1.2.4. AAA.2224 Table

1.3. AAA.225 Essential questions and definitions

1.3.1. Whar are relations and when is a relation a functions?

1.3.2. AAA.215 What is the vertical line test?

1.3.3. AAA.218 What is the independent variable?

1.3.4. AAA.216 What is a functions rule?

1.3.5. AAA.219 What is the dependent variable?

1.3.6. AAA.217 What is function notation?

1.3.7. AAA.212 What is the domain of a relation?

1.3.8. AAA.214 What is a function?

1.3.9. AAA.213 What is the range of a relations?

1.3.10. AAA.211 What is a relation?

1.3.11. Why are functions useful?

1.4. AAA.226 Using function notation

1.4.1. AAA.2261 Finding the output for a given input

1.4.2. AAA.2262 Finding the output for a given input

1.4.3. AAA.2263

1.4.4. AAA.2264

1.5. AAA.227 Writing and Evaluating a function

1.5.1. AAA.2271

1.5.2. AAA.2272

1.6. New node

2. AAA.23 Direct Variation

3. AAA.24 Linear Functions in Slope intercept form

3.1. AAA.241 Essential Questions

3.1.1. AAA.2111 What is slope?

3.1.2. AAA.2114 What is the y-intercept of a line?

3.1.3. AAA.2112 What is a linear factor?

3.1.4. AAA.2113 What is an linear equation?

3.1.5. AAA.2411 What is Slope form

3.2. AAA.241 Finding Slope between two points

3.2.1. AAA.2411 Positive Slope

3.2.2. AAA.2412 Negative Slope

3.2.3. AAA.2413 Zero Slope

3.2.4. AAA.2414 Undefined Slope

3.2.5. AAA.2415 Fractions

3.3. AAA.243 Writing Equations in Slope intercept Form

3.3.1. AAA.2431

3.3.2. AAA.2432

3.3.3. AAA.2433

3.3.4. AAA.2434

3.3.5. New node

3.3.6. New node

3.4. AAA.242 Writing Linear Equations

3.4.1. AAA.2421 Given slope and point

3.4.2. AAA.2422 Given a Graph

3.4.3. AAA.2423 Given Two points

3.5. AAA.244 Graphing a linear equation

3.5.1. AAA.2441

3.5.2. New node

3.5.3. New node

3.5.4. New node

4. AAA.25 Linear Functions

4.1. AAA.251 Writing an Equation Given a point and the slope

4.1.1. AAA.2511

4.1.2. New node

4.1.3. New node

4.2. AAA.252 Writing an equation given two points

4.2.1. AAA.2521

4.2.2. New node

4.3. AAA.253 Essential Definitions and Questions

4.3.1. What are there three different forms for the equation of a line?

4.3.2. AAA.2117 What is the standard form of an equation?

4.3.3. AAA.2115 What is the x-intercept of a line?

4.3.4. AAA.2116 What is point slope form?

4.3.5. How are slopes of two lines relations

4.4. AAA.254 Writing Equations in Standard Form

4.4.1. AAA.2541

4.4.2. New node

4.4.3. New node

4.5. AAA.255 Graphing an equation using intercepts

4.6. AAA.257 Writing equations of parallel and perpendicular lines

4.7. AAA.256 I still don't get it

5. AAA.27 Families of Functions

5.1. AAA.271 Vertical translations

5.2. AAA.272 Horizontal Translations

5.3. AAA.273 Reflecting a function algebraically

5.4. AAA.Stretching and compressing a function

5.5. AAA.Combining Functions

5.6. AAA. Essential questions and definitions

5.6.1. AAA.2118 What is a parent function?

5.6.2. AAA.21113 What is a vertical stretch?

5.6.3. AAA.21117 What is a vertex?

5.6.4. AAA.21112 What is a reflections?

5.6.5. AAA.21114 What is a vertical compression?

5.6.6. AAA.2119 What is a transformation?

5.6.7. AAA.21116 What is an axis of symmetry?

5.6.8. AAA.21111 What is a translation?

6. AAA.28 Absolute Value Functions

6.1. AAA.281 Graphing Absolute Value Equations

6.2. AAA.282 Combining Translations

6.3. AAA.283 Vertical Stretch and compression

6.4. AAA.284 Essential questions

6.4.1. What is an absolute value equations

6.4.2. AAA.21115 What is an absolute value function?

7. AAA.29 Two Variable Inequalities

7.1. AAA.291 Graphing linear inequalities

7.2. AAA.292 Graphing an absolute value inequality

7.3. AAA.293 Writing an inequality based on a graph

7.4. AAA.294 Word Problems

7.5. AAA.295 Essential Questions

7.5.1. How is graphing an inequaltiy similar tin two varialbles to graphing a line

7.5.2. AAA.21119 What is a boundry line?

7.5.3. AAA.21118 What is an linear inequality?

7.5.4. AAA.211111 What are half-planes?

7.5.5. AAA.211112 What is a test point?