Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology

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Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology by Mind Map: Referral and Assessment for  Assistive Technology

1. Step One: Referral for AT Assessment

1.1. Determining Individual Student's needs

1.2. Providing the appropriate AT

1.3. Continuous Support

1.4. Continuous Assessment

2. Step Two: Conducting an AT assessment

2.1. An AT assessment is based on information gathered from a variety of sources

2.1.1. Direct Observations

2.1.2. Interviews

2.1.3. Formal Assessment

2.1.4. Putting all together

2.2. General information obtained through direct observation of the student in several environments

2.3. A multifaceted procedure addresses the unique needs and abilities of the student with a disability.

3. Step Three: Individualized Education Program Team

3.1. Careful consideration of the student’s learning goals and see how the AT allows the student to access the curriculum.

3.2. Careful consideration of consider device trials before making a full investment in the AT device.

4. Step Four: Implementation of Assistive Technology Device

4.1. purchase the device and implement it to meet the student’s learning outcomes

4.2. Additional training, short-term assistance and monitoring is necessary to ensure that the device is used correctly and appropriately

4.3. Teachers and other related service personnel who are in frequent contact with the student are most likely to have a good overall picture of how the student is progressing in the general education curriculum.