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Design your life! by Mind Map: Design your life!

1. Gravity problems

1.1. You have only 1 life

1.2. Brainstorm your parallel lives

1.3. Something u can not change

1.4. Planning is always good idea!

2. Connect the dots

2.1. Who you are?

2.2. What you believe?

2.3. What do you do in the world?

2.4. Connect life and work views

2.5. Your life is already meaningful

3. 5 ideas from design thinking

3.1. Empathy

3.2. Definition

3.3. Ideas

3.4. Prototypes

3.5. Testing

4. Disfunctional beliefes

4.1. What is your passion?

4.2. U should know by now

4.3. The best version of you

5. Gather and create options

5.1. People do not know what they want

5.2. Some people are not happy about their choices

5.3. "Choice overload"

5.4. That feeling in your stomach

6. Your future

6.1. It is already here!

6.2. Life design prototypes

6.3. Conversation is essential

6.4. Experience of other people can be useful