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Inventory by Mind Map: Inventory

1. Goal: To configure student devices and plan future purchasing based off of current hardware

1.1. Sub-Goal: Collect all student devices

1.1.1. Connect with teachers

1.1.2. Reach out to families around returning devices Communicate with deadlines with families Communicate associated fee with late returns

1.1.3. Track families who have borrowed devices Review device check-out forms Update Follett

1.1.4. Bring all computer carts into the lab

1.2. Establish a timeline for project completion

1.2.1. Last day of school: June 15, 2021

1.2.2. First day of school: September 7, 2021 Will the first day be in-person?

1.3. Connect with Academic Aides to loop into the plan

1.4. Re-image devices

1.4.1. Reset the device to factory form

1.4.2. Set up OOBE

1.4.3. Configure security settings for student use Access to camera and microphone Disable downloading software from Microsoft Store and the internet Set up policy to sync the clocks Name the devices Group devices by grade-level Safe-Search on internet browsers Disable multiple accounts from being added to browsers Create commonly used bookmarks Connect with teachers on sites they commonly use in class Block plug-ins aside from school approved plug-ins School Approved plug-ins: Grammarly, Google Read&Write, Immersive Reader Connect with teachers on other plug-ins they commonly use in class Block student wall-paper/screen saver/etc Password policies by grade-level Clever or other single-sign on software

1.4.4. Test deployment

1.4.5. Add in new software and existing software

1.4.6. Enroll device in InTune

1.5. Device Maintenance

1.5.1. Assess hardware damage Return damaged devices to Microsoft for exchange

1.5.2. Assess software damage

1.5.3. Final count for keyboards

1.5.4. Final count for chargers

1.6. Purchasing

1.6.1. Check in with leadership around purchasing new devices to be set up

1.6.2. Share numbers for devices that need to be replaced