seasonal rates

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seasonal rates by Mind Map: seasonal rates

1. high / peak season

1.1. it falls during school holidays (Summer, Christmas,Easter)

1.2. -it falls in winter for ski resorts -it falls in summer for seaside resorts

1.3. PROS and CONS

1.3.1. PROS: all tourist attractions are open/the wearher is good

1.3.2. CONS: museums and tourist attractions are overcrowded and there are long queues the weather is too hot it's difficult to find vacancies plane / train tickets and hotel rates are expensive

2. medium / shoulder season

2.1. it is the period before and after high season (june or september)

2.2. it is the best period for travelling because ...

2.2.1. plane / train tickets and hotel rates are less expensive

2.2.2. the weather conditions are good

3. low season

3.1. PROS

3.1.1. plane / train tickets and hotel rates are CHEAP

3.1.2. tourist attractions are not crowded

3.1.3. it's the rest of the year (outside from high and medium season)

3.2. CONS

3.2.1. you can meet local people

3.2.2. tourist attractions may be closed

3.2.3. you may find bad weather conditions