Katniss Everdeen Character Study

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Katniss Everdeen Character Study by Mind Map: Katniss Everdeen Character Study

1. Katniss's journey through the arena

1.1. Katniss's partner Peeta quickly left her and became allies with other tributes as he believed that was the only way to survive.

1.1.1. Capital announced that instead of one winner there could be 2 as long as they are from the same district. We can see a how much hate Katniss has for the capital because of how she risked her life at the end to eat the berries and prove them wrong. Katniss spends many days looking for Peeta knowing they can both win. After coming down to the top 3 Katniss was able to put a arrow through Cato head and win the games.

1.2. Katniss Started off the games scared and alone. She played the smart card and ran the opposite direction to where the weapons are to avoid getting killed.

1.2.1. Katniss spent many hours running until finding a spot in a tree to hide and get some rest

1.2.2. Katniss was able to find yellow jacket bees nest above her. This is where Katniss meets a younger girl who gives her a knife to cut the bees nest down onto the enemy's below. After escaping Katniss used her hunting skills to catch food and collect safe drinking water. She did this for many days. We can see Katniss as scared at the begging but after several days she begins to get anger at the capital for what pain they have caused her.

2. Katniss's home life

2.1. Katniss Everdeen is a very resourceful 16 year old who is very mature for her age. Becuase of her age Katniss is the main provider in her family.

2.1.1. Katniss is responsible for feeding her family, which she does by hunting and foraging skills she learned from her father. After Katniss’s father died, her mother sank into a depression, leaving Katniss to take care of the family despite her young age. Katniss realized that, without her hunting, her family wouldn’t have enough to eat Hunting, however, is illegal and punishable by death. Katniss does it anyway. However what she catches is sold at the district’s black market.

2.1.2. Katniss is very protective of her younger sister, and she volunteers to take Prim’s place in the Hunger Games to protect her.

2.1.3. Katniss's family consists of her mother, and her younger sister, Prim. Her father died in a mining accident when she was only 11.

3. Katniss's experience at the capital

3.1. Katniss was shocked when entering the train that would take her to the capital.

3.1.1. She could final have a hot shower, fresh food and clean water. Katniss stayed at a really nice house while in the capital, she got her own bed and bathroom. She also received free food any time of the day.

3.2. After arriving Katniss noticed the style of the capital people were weird.

3.2.1. Katniss described them as interesting, they all whore a lot of makeup and very bright and colorful clothes. Katniss also found the capital peoples personality to be the same. Katniss's stylist was the only normal one to her. Cinna really grew on Katniss and became a inspiration for Katniss.

3.3. Katniss made amazing opening night by wearing a flaming dress which made the capital fall in love with her

3.3.1. Katniss got the name the girl on fire because of the dress.

3.3.2. Katniss was shy of the cameras first and then she started to like the attention.

3.4. Katniss went through many training courses while in the capital. She trained for several days to show off her skills to the judge.

3.4.1. Each person gets to show off their skills to the judges who then gives them a score out of 12. Katniss was showing off her skills to the judges yet everyone turned away from her. Katniss used her smart thinking and bravery to shoot an arrow across the room through an apple that was in a pig's mouth. The judges quickly realized she shot an arrow past them and into an apple.