Your Most Important Investment

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Your Most Important Investment by Mind Map: Your Most Important Investment

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1.2. author: Jeff Haden

2. you are the most valuable asset, so invest yourself everyday

3. 1. build strong connection

3.1. contact real person and conduct real communication through phone or email

4. 2. do something crazy

4.1. crazy in the eyes of others

4.2. think & live outside the box

4.3. outside your comfort zone

4.4. challenge yourself

4.5. be stronger and more self-assured

4.6. learn to not care what others think about you

5. 3. build a side business

5.1. pickup something you enjoy doing and think of ways to make money from it.

5.2. the point is to open up new ideas and new challenges

5.3. borden your horizons

6. 4. create a morning ritual

6.1. most of the time before work is wasted

6.2. choose things you want to accomplish and create a morning plan that gets you there

7. 5. take a few minuts and think

7.1. most of your thinking is reactive - to issues, problems, challenges.

7.2. think when you don't have to think

7.3. force inactivity

7.4. without time to think you can't have ideas; your ideas are your best assets.