The industrial Revolution

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The industrial Revolution by Mind Map: The industrial Revolution

1. Changes to the way of life

1.1. With the move to towns living condition became terrible and the houses were overcrowed

1.2. Water was dirty,food was expensive and poor quality and the air was polluted by smoke

1.3. the life expetancy was below 20 years due to hard work

2. The agricultural revolution in Britain

2.1. New machines - seed drilling machine which allowed seeds to be sown quickly

2.2. Farm workers became replaced by machines.

2.3. Invention of mechanical ploughs (aratri meccanici)

2.4. Inclousure movement - to divide properties between people and the common land

3. Population movement during the Industrial Revolution

3.1. People moved from country villages to towns and cities,the cities were called mushrooms town

3.2. Factory system and new machines made the production of textiles quicker,more efficent

3.3. People were forced to seach work in cities because argicolutural revolution left many peolpe without jobs

4. Working conditions

4.1. Women and children were employed as workers because they were paid less and could get into tight spaces in machinery and they were easier to control

4.2. also the workers had terrible conditions and long working hours

5. Positive and Negative impacts of the Industrial Revolution

5.1. use of fossil fuels and emission of gases

5.2. Water pollution

5.3. New technologies

5.4. Industry

5.5. Urbanisation

5.6. Population growth

6. child labour

6.1. in the 19th century England allows children to work and had more than a million child workers 15% of the labour force.

6.2. the local labours create a new work force composed of children: it was a cheap and fast learning working,they were given an accomodation and they weren't payed.

6.3. this working class provides much more work