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Fire And Ice by Mind Map: Fire And Ice

1. Written By Robert Frost

1.1. A romantic poet

2. Theme-If we don't control our actions and emotions, one day it is going to lead us to our doom.

2.1. Tone-Serious

3. Fire (Symbolism)

3.1. Desire

3.2. Greed

3.3. Selifishness

3.4. Anger/Rage

4. Ice (Symbolism)

4.1. Hatred

4.2. Indifference

4.3. Envy

4.4. Intolerance

5. Poetic Devices

5.1. Symbolism/Personfication

5.1.1. Fire (Quick End)

5.1.2. Ice (Slow Poison)

5.2. Rhyme Scheme

5.2.1. 1st Stanza-abaa

5.2.2. 2nd Stanza-bcbcb

5.3. Alliteration: the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables

5.3.1. World will

5.3.2. Favour fire

5.4. Anaphora: the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses

5.4.1. "Some Say" in 1st and 2nd line

5.5. Enjambment: the running over of a sentence from one verse or couplet into another so that closely related words fall in different lines

5.5.1. Both the stanzas are an example of enjambment since the idea continues onto the next line without any punctuation marks.

5.6. Assonance: a literary device in which vowel sounds are repeated within phrases or sentences that are close to each other in the text

5.6.1. Sound of "o" in hold with those

6. The poet says that he supports the people who believe that the world will end in fire but if it had to perish twice, ice can cause equal destruction.