Teaching Schools

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Teaching Schools by Mind Map: Teaching Schools

1. Current numbers of schools - some are both Primary/ Secondary or or SEN PRU/ Sec Pri etc

2. Immediate concerns

2.1. Ofsted heavy criteria summative model at odds with formative culture of improvement? Why cannot schools set their own criteria locally or have peer schools set it against agreed national framework rather than Ofsted? Professional disenfranchisement perhaps?

2.2. Lack of innovation in the model?

2.3. Industry partners "built out" notional self-referential metrics as opposed to real life outcomes/ mentoring - funding will tend to top down admin - where is the agility here? How to build this in? :Outreach" mentioned - this is very nebulous.

2.4. No scope for experimentation - coaching and mentoring mentioned where are the strategic connectives for this - model will tend towards attainment of criteria rather than analysis of process and development of effective strategies especially with centralised portal

2.5. Old Legacy model as opposed to innovative approaches

2.6. Scaled to run into admin inertia possibly. Where are the more daring alternate models based on informal or allied metrics?

2.7. Where are the models for Action Research here?

2.8. Creation of fiefdoms or satraps rather than institutions that are more open to existing communities - where are the connectives to local community?

2.9. Masquerading as "localism" but really top down model with centrally defined criteria - no diversity

2.10. Where is there any mention of entrepreneurial activity here? Why not? Culture of 'control" rather than risk - torque - at odds with quickly evolving web -enabled world.

2.11. Looking at the criteria I would say very few schools are going to be able to meet these...

3. Facts

3.1. PDF Outline

3.1.1. 1. play a greater role in the recruitment and training of new entrants to the profession Unis have expertise in this area also businesses

3.1.2. 2. lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development Strategies involving known grass roots/ social media effectiveness?

3.1.3. 3. identify and develop leadership potential

3.1.4. 4. provide support for other schools Comms needed - agile infrastructures

3.1.5. 5. designate and broker Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) Top down - broker better term here

3.1.6. 6. engage in research and development Very woolly - how to pin this down and make specific

3.2. Teaching School

3.2.1. Alliance Model What local considerations could prove conducive and what grass roots knowledge could build strategy? e.g. massive games industry in Brighton would be natural partners for any strategically placed learning institution i.e. Sussex Uni innovation unit? So what "bridging" processes are needed to make this possible - what comms processes and grass roots knowhow could make this pivotal without massive admin burden or bloatware...? Stopping top down burdens overloading the processes. How to make light and agile? How do you stop this being a land grab for commercial organisations but also provide social and economic capital to feed back into the community? Where are the existing models that are emergent and successful and why? How to stop costs being siphoned off to admin and other areas by being more agile and specific. How does this sit with Grass roots organisations/ industry partners?

3.2.2. Designation as a TS open to any type or phase of school in England specifically that meets the "criteria" Nursery Primary Middle Secondary Sixth form Special PRU/ short stay Independent Academy Federated Faith Established Free Schools

3.3. Funding

3.3.1. 3 years+

3.3.2. Further funding for

3.4. Numbers

3.4.1. 100 currently designated

3.4.2. Another 100 September

3.4.3. 500 by Next election

3.4.4. less than 30 per cent not up to speed on ICT

4. Questions?

4.1. What are the criteria?

4.1.1. Outstanding > Ofsted?

4.1.2. What else - details - specific criteria here >?

4.2. R&D is mentioned but not specified in funding criteria?

4.2.1. Lip service - seems to be built out of the model here

4.3. When to apply by

4.3.1. End of September

4.3.2. Leadership Prospectus

4.4. Brokerage - needs to be broken down further - see below

4.4.1. Specialist leader of education (SLE): www.education.gov.uk/nationalcollege/support-for-schools/specialist-leaders-of-education-programme Local leader of education (LLE): www.education.gov.uk/nationalcollege/support-for-schools/lle National leader of education (NLE) and national support school (NSS): www.education.gov.uk/nationalcollege/nle National leaders of governance (NLGs): www.education.gov.uk/nationalcollege/support-for-schools/national-leaders-of-governance Teaching schools: www.education.gov.uk/nationalcollege/support-for-schools/teachingschools