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CNST 3331 Course Syllabus by Mind Map: CNST 3331 Course Syllabus
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CNST 3331 Course Syllabus

GOAL # 6 court of law acid test



Grade weight 1 (35)

Grade weight 2 (5o)

Grade weight 3 (15)

GOAL # 7 p6 software

1 setup calendars, etc, enterprise

Best practices

2. Develop project map

3 create wbs

4. Create layout view

4 create activity codes

Tasks & relationships & baseline

Resources & cost loading

Updating & creating reports

GOAL # 8 mitigation strategies

Scheduling spec

CPC exam mitigation strategies

GOAL # 0 Introduction to Construction Management Program

Advising & petitions


Preparation as a professional


Dropbox - Resumes

GOAL # 3 Exposure to Construction Community in Houston, Texas

LinkedIn (5)

Resume Preparation (5)

Introduction to Student ABC/AGC Chapters

Industry Panel for review of team scheduling project

GOAL # 1 Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement & Ethical Behavior

Discussion Board

Professional Presence

AIC Exam in Junior/Senior Year of the Program

Homework after each class (5)

Goal 2 database


Tellepsen, spaw glass, austin, manhattan

One component & submit timing of sequence within context

Textbooks and Required Supplies

Textbook - multiple perspectives

GOAL # 5 Elements of planning vs scheduling

Planning vs scheduling



Goal #4 Group scheduling term project

Software: mindmeister& Wiggio & vt

Schedule no more than 250 items w wbs

Rules of Conduct

Appt vs office hours

Held to high standard

Learning for all

Random surfing/no

Fair but tough

Accountability for attendance

Listen when others speak

Earn your grade

Learning tools






Textbook optional

Goal # 6 Manual calculations & relationships

Scheduling terminology.

Arrow & box diagrams

Bar charts


Earned value