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Class Project: URBAN TRIBES by Mind Map: Class Project: URBAN TRIBES
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Class Project: URBAN TRIBES


Session 1

Topic lead in: Video

Reading about Urban Tribes. Reading comprehension exercises.

Sessions 2 & 3

MIndmapping an urban tribe

Session 4

Oral presentations

Self-evaluation and co-evaluation

Sessions 5 & 6

Podcasting with Voicethread

Sessions 6 & 7

Video with Go!Animate

Session 8

Display of videos

Self-evaluation and co-evaluation


Teacher: Carme F.

4th ESO level


Textbook: Voices 4. Macmillan.


Ss' notebooks


Ss' own experience

Project Information


4th ESO students, 25 students per class, Individual, pair and group work

8 hours / sessions, 1 session a week for project

Items to be delivered

Reading comprehension exercises


Oral presentation

Podcasting with Voicethread

Video with Go!Animate


SS will improve their abilities to..., work cooperatively, taking decisions in group, taking their share of responsibility, use the information found on the Internet critically, use programmes to record themselves, Voicethread, Go!Animate, communicate in English morea accurately and fluently, be creative and learn new techniques to present information effectively, Mindmaps with Mindmaster, Wordle, get to know and respect different social subcultures., become more self-confident and assertive

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