Community engagement, Solidarity and citizenship

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Community engagement, Solidarity and citizenship by Mind Map: Community engagement, Solidarity and citizenship

1. Citizenship

1.1. Human Rights

1.1.1. The right to life,The right to liberty and freedom. The right to the pursuit of happiness. The right to live your life free of discrimination, etc.

1.2. Active Citizen

1.2.1. Citizen Governor, Managed Volunteer, Good Neighbour, Community Group Member, Community Activist, Consulted Citizen.

1.3. Benefits of Citizenship

1.3.1. Protection of Deportation, Eligibility for Government Jobs, Right to vote.

2. Community engagement

2.1. Social sciences perspective

2.1.1. group of people whose connections and relations are formed by their shared history, experiences, geographies and identities.

2.2. Civil society (people’s organization, civic organizations, social movements, LGBT)

2.2.1. proper recognition of the people and respect for the countrymen

2.3. Institutional perspective

2.3.1. proper care to the constituents

2.4. Local and grassroots levels

2.4.1. Good communication with people/ Good Understandings

3. Solidarity

3.1. Ties on a Society

3.1.1. Good Fellowship

3.2. Sociology

3.2.1. It's all about a person’s behavior and society

3.3. Social Sciences

3.3.1. Trends, Food Security, Humanities, Anthropology, Injustice, Fashion, Design, Mental Health, etc.

3.4. Bioethics

3.4.1. Biodiversity, Environmental ethics, Human cloning, Organ trafficking, End of life, etc.