Seven Teachings gr. 1

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Seven Teachings gr. 1 by Mind Map: Seven Teachings gr. 1

1. prerequisite

1.1. basic animal knowledge

1.2. knowledge of some rules

1.3. circle time to listen

2. resources

2.1. posters

2.2. books

2.3. puppets

2.4. activity sheets

2.5. pictures

3. evaluation summary

3.1. show an animal puppet for student to identify by naming the animal

3.2. ask the students which of the 7 teaching it represents

3.3. there should be a lot of pictures for them to find answers around the classroom

3.4. review until it gets easier for them to give answers

4. notes

4.1. transcribe the 7 teaching in English

4.2. transcribe the 7 teachings in Ojibwe

5. objective

5.1. students will learn which animal represents the teaching

5.2. students will identify which teaching goes with which animal puppet

5.3. students will learn the basic meaning of each teaching