The Native Commissioner (Shaun Johnson)

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The Native Commissioner (Shaun Johnson) by Mind Map: The Native Commissioner (Shaun Johnson)

1. Kentani

1.1. Promoted to native Commissioner

1.2. Tanase Ntabaka

1.2.1. "what has it to do with you sir?" "he questioned the maning and valadity and morality of everything he was doing"

1.3. Duma Story

2. Witbank

2.1. George Asks for transfer here

2.2. Argues against racism

2.3. Wants to work in Museum of Man and Science

2.4. Where suicide takes place

2.5. "shield from reality"

2.6. "His eyes seem to be receding in their sockets"

3. Libode

3.1. George Transfers again

3.2. SA becomes a republic

3.3. "acceptance for the white man in black africa?"

4. Duiwelskloof

4.1. George becomes Senior Bantu Affairs Commissioner

4.2. Sam is Born

4.2.1. Narrator

4.2.2. Trying to understand G with his reconstruction of memories from the box (Witbank)

4.3. "a shadow had crept across his face"

4.3.1. First sign of depression

5. Tsumeb

5.1. George becomes Native Commissioner

5.2. Chris is born

5.2.1. 3rd Son

5.2.2. Matric Pupil

5.3. Takes in poor white farmers and bushmen

6. Ndwedwe

6.1. George is Promoted to native commissioner

7. Babanago

7.1. 1916

7.1.1. George Jameson was Born During WW1 > talisman of hope

7.2. Zululand

7.2.1. Could find bleached bones still lying on the battlefield

7.3. Both tragic and peaceful

8. George

8.1. clever, sensitive... a perfectionist, hard on himself with a shadow of self doubt

8.2. Graduated in 1933

8.3. Also wanted to be an archaeologist or anthropologist

8.4. Married Jean Stockley

8.5. Denies his own beliefs and needs

8.5.1. Commits suicide at the end

8.6. enlists in NMR (Natal Mounted Rifle)

8.6.1. he is a superb marksman and a hard man who believes he can kill a man if it comes to that

8.7. will not "treat the black man like an un person

9. Places

9.1. Babanango

9.1.1. Barbies

9.2. Ndwedwe

9.2.1. Never

9.3. Tsumeb

9.3.1. Take

9.4. Kentani

9.4.1. Kash

9.5. Duiwelskloof

9.5.1. Dancing

9.6. Libode

9.6.1. Like

9.7. Witbank

9.7.1. Whores

10. Overseas trip

10.1. George really loves Africa

10.2. Build library of zulu texts

10.3. Feels like a foreigner

11. Novel

11.1. Pathetic - everything, us, life

12. Box

12.1. "Presence of Absence"

12.2. "Release a story from a sealed box"

13. Ward

13.1. "Nervous Feeling in my legs"

13.2. "I could not stop my mind from going to those dark places"

13.3. "I kept telling them it must be Physical"

13.4. "I feel terrible about the shame that I've caused them"

13.5. "a good man, though he doubts"

13.6. G = 49

14. Kitchen

14.1. Jean copes without G

14.2. Lots of commas

14.3. "I'm terrified about what is going to happen to him and often feel angry with him"

14.4. G is "deluding himself"

14.5. "Indulging in self-pity"

15. Sons

15.1. Billy

15.1.1. Engineer

15.2. Ryan

15.2.1. Artist

15.3. Chris

15.3.1. Matric

15.4. Sam

15.4.1. Narrator