Internet technologies

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Internet technologies by Mind Map: Internet technologies

1. technologies for creating and maintaining various information resources on the Internet: websites, blogs, forums, chat rooms, electronic libraries and encyclopedias.

2. The Internet itself was created by the U.S. military. It was originally designed to transmit data through classified channels, scientists managed to create a network whose components could function normally even if one of them was damaged. Modern Internet technology is the broadest set of features and functions available to a wide range of consumers. World Wide Web has found its application both in everyday life and at production facilities of various scales.

3. The communication process between employees of companies or individuals now takes place via the Internet. While in the past people used to use correspondence, telegraphs and other methods of messaging to communicate at a distance, these days the vast majority of users prefer to communicate online. Internet technology and communication provides not only voice and text messaging, but also the transmission of information in any digital format.

4. The physical component of Internet technology includes: Internet Networking. Software on the Internet Computers on the Internet Digital communication lines Internet Access Remote access to global networks