Reading Strategies

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Reading Strategies by Mind Map: Reading Strategies

1. Techniques: SQ3R is a well-known strategy for reading .Before reading its important to stand your purpose. SQ3R method is useful help to understand and remember . 1) Skim/Survey the topic, the structure, graphic 2) Question the content in terms of everything such as theme .3) Read content slowly take time to read each section while making note and highlighting and identify main point. After reading each section recall the information by asking yourself question to help to understand and not get lost . Final step is to review everything the notes, question s and ask if you achevie your purpose.Siewierski C (2020: 25)

1.1. Study/Critical Reading

1.2. Benefits: Can improve your understanding of the content. Develop critical reading skills

1.3. Main Use : To study to pass .According to Skillsyouneed said that "critical reading involves presenting a reasoned argument that evaluates and analyses what you have read."

2. Light Read :

2.1. Main Use : interested in a subject . highlight main points. To relax not concentrate.

2.2. Benefits : Don't waste time. Get idea of the topic without reading .Can identify the relevant information

2.2.1. Techniques: Decide the topic that find interesting. According to Kurger (2001) reading pace 100 to 200 words a minute. Avoid irrelevant paragraph/sentence

3. Scanning

3.1. Main Use : To find specific information without reading whole information .Refresh what have learnt

3.2. Benefits: Locate precise information quickly. Help to reduce time Improve reading skills and vocabulary the keywords

3.2.1. Techniques :Sieswierski .C (2020:23) mention figure what you looking for such as keywords or symbols .Plan how going to structure the information.. Have image of the content in mind to guide you. Use your eyes to look for the information as quickly as you can , pay attention to catch the keywords .Avoid and ignore irrelevant information

4. Skimming

4.1. Main Use: Just to read quickly the parts that indicate the main idea of the content. To gain a general overview of topic.Howtolearn(2013)

4.2. Benefits: Use for revision.Save time and increase interest. Help to predict the content of the topic. Pick up some main points without paying attention to details.Holschuh, J. and Nist, S. (2000)

4.2.1. Techniques: Use rapid eye movement. Read chapter overview to learn the main divisions of ideas. Read the subheadings and the introduction. Note keywords relate to the topic and bold print graphics. Read the summary of the content and ask yourself in the end ask if you have achieved your goal.

5. Intensive Reading

5.1. Main Use: Reading the information in-depth to fully understand the content.,as well as to gain complete knowledge from it.Surbhi S (2020)

5.2. Benefits: Improve your comprehension Developing reading skills, vocabulary, and grammatical knowledge. Fully understand the content in details and able to evaluate.

5.2.1. Techniques: Siewierski C (2020: 25) stated that it's important to state your purpose clear in your mind in detail. What must do and element of writing focus on , how will recall information. Then use the scanning technique. Write questions will help assist to understand while reading. Carefully read with understanding, reading slow to identify important details such as genre, the structure of the text , the concepts, literal argument, grammar. Finally test yourself to check you fully understand by writing a summary .