Financial System

Financial System

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Financial System by Mind Map: Financial System

1. Federal Reserve

1.1. Lender of Last Resort

2. Liquidity

3. Information

3.1. Bank

3.1.1. Adverse Selection

3.1.2. Mortal Hazard

4. Financial Asset

4.1. Money

4.1.1. Money Market Assets

4.2. Security

4.2.1. Financial Market Direct Finance Debt Market Equity Market Capital Market Bond Securitized Loan Stock Primary Market IPO (Initial Public Offering) Secondary Market

4.3. Foreing Exchange

4.4. Bubble

5. Financial Institutions

5.1. Financial Intermediaries

5.1.1. Indirect Finance Bank Alt-ABrorrower Subprime Borrower Insurance Company Credit Union Mutual Fund Portfolio Hedge Fund

6. FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

7. Risk Sharing

8. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)